Ralph C. Wilson and Bob Kalsu Honored for Military Service

On July 10th, the Buffalo Naval & Millitary Park held a reception for the unveiling of the late Ralph C. Wilson Jr. and the late Bob Kalsu displays. Mr. Wilson, the former owner of the Buffalo Bills, served in the U.S. Navy and Kalsu, a former Bill was the first NFL player to die while serving in the Vietnam War.

The National Football League’s Hall of Fame has loaned to the Naval Park for two months 13 military medals earned by Mr. Wilson during World War II when he served with the US Navy. His family has also donated to the newly constructed display the uniform he wore and other military memorabilia. The Bob Kelsu Memorial Display will feature the cover of a Sports Illustrated magazine, his Buffalo Bills’ helmet and card and other items. Ed Rutkowski, President of the Bills Alumni, and Greg Trantor, football historian and curator, will speak.

The Wilson family has designated the Naval Park as the site for a “permanent display” of Ralph’s medals.

Click here to download a copy of the event’s program. (PDF 2.5MB)