USS Little Rock

The USS Little Rock CL-92 (CLG-4) is a Guided Missile Cruiser, the only surviving vessel from the Cleveland Class of light cruisers in World War II.

USS Little Rock

USS Little Rock CLG 4, a Cold War flagship of the U.S. 2nd and 6th Fleet, is the last surviving vessel from the Cleveland-class of light cruisers in the world. Commissioned in 1945, it was launched too late to see action during WWII. Originally classified as CL 92, USS Little Rock was one of three ships to be converted to a Galveston-class guided missile cruiser and was recommissioned in 1960 as CLG 4.

The ship patrolled the Atlantic from the Arctic Circle to South America and was a fixture in the Mediterranean Sea. USS Little Rock arrived in Buffalo for display in 1977 and is the largest vessel at the Buffalo Naval Park.

CL-92, CLG-4, CG-4

Length: 610 feet
Beam: 66 feet
Draft: 25 feet
Displacement: 10,670 tons
Armament: Two Mk II Talos Missile Launchers; Three 6-inch guns; two 5-inch/38 caliber guns
Complement: 1,100 enlisted; 150 officers; 150 Marines

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