Outdoor Exhibit Yard

The Outdoor Exhibit Yard at the Buffalo & Erie County Naval & Military Park contains some of the largest military equipment in our collection including aircraft, a tank, and the PTF-17 boat.

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Outdoor Exhibit Yard

X-Ron 1 Rotorcycle Helicopter (Currently Off Exhibit)

Built in 1958 by Gyrodyne, for the U.S. Marine Corps, this helicopter has a Porsche engine and contra-rotating blades. It had a range of 60 miles, a 6,500 foot ceiling, and was able to fly at 68 mph. This one man operation gave way to radio controlled drone models.

Army M-41 Tank

This light tank was specially built in Cleveland and utilized in the Korean Conflict. The tank weighed 22.3 tons and is armed with a 76mm cannon. It is nicknamed the “Walker Bulldog.”

Marine M-84 Armored Personnel Carrier

Marine M-84 Armored Personnel Carrier is a variant of the M-59 APC. Used by both the Army and Marine Corps, it is armed with a 4.2 inch mortar. The M-84 has two 302 six cylinder, water cooled General Motors engines.

UH-1 “Huey”

This helicopter was known as the “Iroquois” or “Griffon.” The first prototype was flown in 1956. Over 7,000 were built by 1973 and were in service with all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and most other Allied Nations. The “Huey” was typically armed with two to four machine guns or 48 unguided rockets. The “Huey” will always be remembered as a symbol of the Vietnam War.

Air Force F-101F Voodoo Fighter Interceptor Jet

This aircraft was stationed at the Niagara Falls Air Station from 1971 to 1982. F-101F’s were flown by the New York Air National Guard’s 107th Tactical Interceptor Group as part of the “Rainbow Squadron.” In service, the aircraft flew with a red, blue, and yellow striped tail representing rainbows over Niagara Falls.


Trumpy Class Fast Patrol Boat launched 1968 at Annapolis, MD.

Length: 80 feet, 4 inches
Beam: 24 feet, 7 inches
Draft: 6 feet, 10 inches
Displacement: 69 tons
Armament: one 40 mm gun; two 20 mm guns; one .50 caliber machine gun

PTF stands for fast patrol boat. Built as a high speed craft, it was powered by two Napier Deltic 3100 horsepower diesel engines and operated at speeds up to 40 knots. In Vietnam, the PTF was used to patrol coastal and inland waters.

Navy FJ-4B Fury Jet

This aircraft is the Navy version of the Air Force F-86 Sabre Jet. The attack fighter carried five Martin Bullpup missiles and four nose mounted 20mm cannons for low altitude attack. The Wright Turbo Jet engine produced a maximum speed of 680mph at sea level.

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